Choosing Size for Breast Enlargement

no implant breast enlargement

Breast enlargement or augmentation surgery allows women to increase their breast size.

“What implant size will be used?”  As my patient, you choose the implant size. This is a very personal choice, within the physical limitations of the patient’s own figure and stature.   Some patients only want a modest increase in size.   Many women choose breast restoration following a change in fullness that has diminished after pregnancy and nursing.

A wide range of implant “sizers” are provided during an office consultation. The sizers are used to approximate the patient’s range of choice for their new breast size.   Breast implants are measured in milliliters or cubic centimeters and range from 100 ml to over 900ml (one measuring cup equals 238ml or one tablespoon equals 15ml) in approximately 25ml increments.   The visual experience of  seeing themselves in  a mirror with the sizing implants positioned beneath their bra and/or clothing helps a patient to choose the appropriate implant.   Patients often bring a spouse of friend to help them decide.   Many return several times before finally deciding on size.   Readers might remember that one guest blogger wrote that she wore her sizers for a few days before deciding.   That being said, some patients express slight regret about not choosing a larger size implant following recovery.   Several patients have decided later to increase their implant size and opt for a second surgery.   In my experience, only a few patients choose to decrease the size of implants.   At any rate, it is a matter of personal choice.

Not surprisingly, many women report that they experience an increase in their self-esteem and satisfaction of body image following breast augmentation surgery. Using implants is one way to increase breast size and fat grafting using your own liposuctioned fat is another, click here.



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