Filming Mommy Makeover Today

We are filming surgery today in our office for an upcoming interview on Twin Cities Live. Our patient was very gracious to allow cameras to follow her journey for a “Mommy Makeover.” The popular afternoon magazine show on KSTP also interviewed her prior to surgery this morning. Her story is a familiar one, women choosing to restore their figures after pregnancy. Abdominoplasty surgery or more commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, is effective in repairing torn or stretched muscles and tightening excess tummy skin. Hernia repairs and belly button re-positioning may also be accomplished during this surgery. Watch the television segment by clicking here.

The tummy tuck is one aspect of the Mommy Makeover and breast restoration is the companion surgery for the frequently requested post-pregnancy makeover. Physical changes are sometimes permanent due to one or more pregnancies and in spite of diet and exercise, surgery is the only option to correct some of the anatomical changes a women experiences after childbirth. Stay tuned for an update to watch our segment on Twin Cities Live after the Holidays.



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