Patient Comment: Breast Enlargement

Sara writes:

I had breast augmentation done at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center back in July of 2010, after losing 90 pounds.  After the weight loss, I ended up with saggy breasts.   I was extremely pleased with the surgery and the way my breasts looked right after the procedure.  But like many people, I wish I would of gone bigger.  I guess at first when they are really swollen, they were huge.  I loved that size, but when the swelling went down, I realized that I should have chosen a bigger implant size.   Dr. Bashioum has various “sizers” available for patients to try on, but I underestimated how big I really wanted to be.   He did EXACTLY what I asked him to do as far as size, but I just didn’t make the right decision on my part.

Dr. Bashioum did an amazing job and that is why I would like to go to him again. This is not uncommon, as other patients have mentioned this phenomenon on the blog.  One of Dr. Bashioum’s patients also had difficulty deciding on size.  In Melissa’s Blog, she wrote about how she wore different “sizers” for several days, to monitor reaction of others and to better understand what size she wanted to be after surgery.  

So now I’m going to set up a consultation to consider changing my current implants for larger ones.  

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Click here to see Melissa’s Blog, where she talks about how she decided on the size of her implants.

2 Responses to “Patient Comment: Breast Enlargement”

  1. Sheena Says:

    After breast feeding both my girls, my breasts were smaller and saggier than ever before. I was wearing a 34A bra and very self conscious about my almost non-existent breasts. They were also a bit asymmetrical which really bothered me as well. I’m 27 years old and since my husband and I were not planning on having any more kids, I thought it was the perfect time for me to do something for myself. I’m now 7 weeks post-op breast augmentation and EXTREMELY happy with my decision. I am very happy with the results thus far and I’m looking forward to the full 6-12 months healing and end results. Dr. Bashioum and his staff were amazing before, during, and after my surgery. Dr. Bashioum was available to me on his personal cell whenever I had a question or concern, day or night. His staff made me feel very comfortable with the entire process, very warm and caring. If I wanted to have any other kind of cosmetic surgery, I would defiantly go back to Dr. Bashioum, no questions asked :o) Regarding my choice in size, I took his advice and went a size larger than I had originally chosen, and I’m so thankful I did!!! I’m now a 34D and my breasts are finally symmetrical! The first few days after surgery were pretty painful for me, but after about 2 weeks, and after the initial swelling went down, I was much more confident with the decision I had made. My husband thought I was perfect, the way I was before surgery, but knew I really wanted this, so has been very supportive.. He is also VERY happy with the results so far, as well : ) I would recommend Dr. Bashioum and his staff to anyone who is interested in having cosmetic surgery – It’s life changing. A big THANK YOU to everyone at the Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center!

  2. Sue Says:

    My breasts went down a cup size after I breast fed my children. I wanted to have them fixed for years but put it off. I finally decided to go in and have them enlarged to fix them. It has now been four weeks since I had them done. I must be honest, it did take a little bit of time for me to get used to them. But I love them now and am sorry that I waited so long to have them done. I encourage anyone that is thinking about having them done to go in for a consultation with Dr Bashioum and his staff. They answered all of my questions that I had and I never felt pressured. I will definitely pick Dr Bashioum again if I have any more work done.



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