Fixing Pesky Lip Winkles

Lip wrinkles or sometimes referred to as “smokers lines,” are the lines that radiate out from the lip margin.   They can be the result of aging, sun exposure, smoking, and /or genetics.   They often may make a person look older.   Women generally dislike them because their lipstick runs into the wrinkles, giving a pronounced pursed look.  Skin resurfacing may reduce these wrinkles, but this procedure frequently carries a possible downside. Invariably there is bleaching of the skin, which more often than not requires make-up to conceal.

Fortunately there are other choices to reduce lip lines.   Injectable materials have made a dramatic contribution in the area of treating these wrinkles.  Filler materials are currently the first line of defense.   Products like Restylane, Juvederm, and Perlane are a few of the ever-increasing number of dermal filler type materials on the market today.   They are injected under the skin and actually fill in the lines.   These newer products are based on a  hyaluronic acid  formulation, a natural component of your normal skin.   Interestingly, when lip lines become apparent, there is frequently a loss of lip size or fullness at the same time.   Not only can the lines be corrected, but the lips can be restored to more youthful size and shape, as well.

It is important to seek qualified professional advice when considering these procedures.  Most cosmetic surgeons do not charge for patient consultations.  Here are some links for locations near you.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)  and Dermatology  Clinic Directory.


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