Sun Damage Remedies

There was a time when nothing could be done about unsightly brown patches, once referred to as “liver spots or age spots.”   We now know that the uneven pigmentation is most often caused by sun damage.   In a study conducted by Procter & Gamble,  these telltale spots can contribute to raising a person’s perceived age by 15-20 years.   Baby boomers were avid sun-worshipers and under educated in the perils of too much sun exposure as we grew up.   Now many are suffering the consequences in the form of age spots or hyperpigmentaion, premature wrinkles and even skin cancers.

Today we have various ways to undo some of the skin damage caused by over-exposure to sun.  Of course there are many over the counter lotions and potions, but surgical intervention may represent the option that offers the most significant improvement in short order.   Anti-aging procedures are often combined to give a more comprehensive rejuvenation.   On Peggy’s patient blog last week, she mentioned having Restylane ® and  Botox ® injections along with her facelift.   By her own admission, she tanned frequently and also smoked, 2 major factors in causing skin aging.   I think her “Before and After” (link) photos show a dramatic improvement.

Other surgical remedies for improving sun-damaged skin include chemical peels, laser resurfacing and dermabrasion.   These procedures remove varying layers of the  skin, minimizing brown spots and fine wrinkles.   You end up with younger, smoother-looking skin.   Although complete facial rejuvenation is usually only achieved by having a facelift, especially when significant sagging and deep wrinkles are present.



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