Lisa’s Blog: Sculpting a New Nose

2 Responses to “Lisa’s Blog: Sculpting a New Nose”

  1. Pick your nose! « Nipntuck Blog Says:

    […] Unfortunately, these techniques are not as precise as sculpting a piece of metal or clay.   In addition, your body will do some sculpting of its own while healing.  On occasion, carefully placed cartilage grafts will be absorbed (lost) by your body, perhaps requiring revision surgery.   Finally, complications can and do occur.  Several of my patients have shared their experience with having a rhinoplasty or nose job.  Click here to  read Lisa’s blog and see some  film clips of actual surgery. […]

  2. Nose Jobs 2nd Most Popular Nipntuck « Nipntuck Blog Says:

    […] she shares details about her recovery, including posting her own photos and click here see some  film clips of actual surgery. Share this: « Friday Photo: Minneapolis […]



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