Lipo as a quick fix? Part 2

Lipo as weight loss? Part 2

Why isn’t Lipo a quick fix for weight reduction?   We all may struggle with a few extra pounds.   This is one of the blessings of living in an affluent society, access to food-a-plenty.   However, these extra pounds can put us at risk for serious medical problems.   Some of the problems include diabetes, heart disease, and many forms of cancer.   The sedentary lifestyle associated with being over-weight also contributes to a score of health risks.   Reduced physical activity increases a women’s risk for osteoporosis.   Severe obesity contributes to joint problems, serious skin conditions and increased blood pressure.  Extra abdominal weight also increases the risk of gastric reflux or heartburn.   Reflux of stomach acid or gastric juice aspirated into the lungs may lead to life threatening pneumonia.

Anesthesia and sedation during surgery carry increased risks for heavier patients, as well.   The most serious is airway or breathing related problems.   Decreased ability to take very deep breaths, along with actual partial breathing passage closure can pose significant threats during anesthesia.

Several measures taken after surgery may often reduce some risks, but not eliminate them. Obese patients have a more difficult time walking right after surgery, thus increasing their risk.   Walking after surgery is critical to reduce blood clots in the legs, as clots can break free and become lodged in the lung, resulting in sudden death.   Ease of mobility is an important factor.   Healthy patients usually have an easier recovery from surgery and suffer from fewer complications.

Check back tomorrow for Lipo as weight loss? Part 3



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