Dr. Bashioum: Thank you, Melissa!

I cannot thank Melissa enough for sharing in her journey through cosmetic surgery by writing about her breast enlargement experience on our blog.   By in large, most Americans decide to keep cosmetic surgery to themselves and even go to great lengths to hide having had it.   Melissa’s frequent postings has allowed our readers a unique opportunity to share her personal insights and thoughts about surgery.  This personal and candid account is hard to find.   Melissa, thank you for sharing your personal story.

Melissa’s comment about her husband being a “Peeping Tom” is much more complex than  the simple physical change which Melissa chose.   The real change that spouses or significant others appreciate, is often more about the renewed confidence which many women express after breast enlargement surgery.  Many women report that they feel better both in and out of their wardrobe.   This often manifests as better posture, more smiles and greater self-awareness.   These subtle changes are significant and seem to be very attractive to spouses or boyfriends.

Other people in Melissa’s social and family circles may not notice that surgery has been done, as she herself suggested.  I believe that the perfect result after cosmetic surgery is one where others do not notice as such.   Friends and family may ask Melissa if she has been working out, has lost weight, or changed clothing styles, not being able to pinpoint the actual change.   Regardless of the patient’s chosen size, it is my goal to achieve a natural look.  I believe that a natural result hinges on attaining the proper body proportion.  Achieving this delicate balance is extremely rewarding for me as a plastic surgeon and I am delighted that Melissa is pleased with her surgical result.

3 Responses to “Dr. Bashioum: Thank you, Melissa!”

  1. Angela Akpan Says:

    Dr. Bashioum recently performed a breast augmentation on me, and I wanted to post a comment about my experience. From my first consultation up to my actual surgery, Dr. Bashioum and his entire staff were so nice to me. They welcomed me into their office and made me feel very comfortable, which I could tell was important to them. I was a nervous wreck the morning of my surgery, but again, all of the staff were genuinely supportive, which put me at ease. My surgery went extremely well, and although my breast have not completed “dropped”, I am extremely satisfied with my results thus far. Dr. Bashioum is truly an excellent doctor and I am happy I chose to have my surgery done by him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone contemplating plastic surgery. I would personally like to say thank you Dr. Bashioum and thanks to all of your staff members who assisted me during such an important time!


  2. C thompson Says:

    I recently had a tummy tuck done by Dr. Bashioum and am so pleased with the results. I was so impressed by the professionalism of he and his staff. I am a modest person and never did I feel at all uncomfortable during any of the experience. I strongly suggest that anyone who is considering having plastic surgery go to Dr. Bashioum you will not be disappointed. Thanks so much for everything!!

  3. G Grams Says:

    It has taken me some time go come out here and post this. Dr. Bashioum performed my breast augmentation for me in July 2009. I could not be happier with my results. From the first consult, I knew he was the one to do my surgery. After the first meeting, I was still unsure of my sizing. So I went back in and met again with his staff and they spent more time with me in making the right choice for what I wanted.
    Everything went as expected or even better. I am looking forward to going back to Dr. Bashioum for a tummy tuck in the future.

    Thank you to you and your staff for all they do.



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