Three Bears

Can you tell Melissa has three small children?  In her latest blog, her analogy comparing breast size to “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is apropos.  It is a fact that all patients want the perfect size after surgery.  So do I!  No one wants to go through the expense and risks of having surgery for a second time, in an effort to get the breast size they want.

Melissa’s choice should work very well for her.  I believe to achieve a natural result for Melissa, we must start by first matching the diameter of the implant to the diameter of her breast.  Placing the implant centered beneath the nipple will fill the breast and skin envelope symmetrically.  This combination should give her a natural tear drop shaped breast which looks most natural.

Based on my examination of Melissa and the size she has chosen, I expect to use a Mentor implant which has a minimum inflation volume of 275ml.  This matches her breast diameter best.  The manufacturer recommends inflation between 275ml to 300ml.  The plan will be to inflate this implant to the 300 ml she has chosen.  I do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended inflation volumes.

The implant  will be inserted through a 20mm incision near the crease beneath each breast.  This inconspicuous scar will always be hidden by her clothing.  It will be inserted empty and inflated after being placed underneath the muscle and breast tissue.  This effective technique results in having the final scar measuring less than an inch long.

Based on this plan we should achieve Goldilock’s, “Just right!”



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