Mommy Makeover

Many plastic surgeons are advertising the “mommy makeover.”  This is a marketing combination of breast surgery (enlargement, reduction,lift) and body sculpting (tummy tuck, liposuction).  The goal of the surgery is to restore the natural feminine shape after a pregnancy.  Often women will tell me that  they are disappointed that their breasts have changed with pregnancy.  This may include changes in size as well as shape.  The most frequent complaint I hear is, “My breasts are smaller than they were.”  However, some women will experience an increase in breast size.  

Changes in breast shape are frequently interpreted as breast sagging or loss of perkiness.  If your nipples are above the cease below your breast, the loss of fullness above your nipples is the problem.  This is best corrected with breast enlargement, provided you are comfortable with larger breasts.  Breast lift surgery is necessary if nipples are below the crease. Breast enlargement or reduction can be combined with breast lift surgery.  

The other area of a woman’s body which changes is her abdomen. The skin and muscles are stretched by the growing baby. The extra skin can sag while the stretched muscles can reveal a protruding tummy.  Tummy tuck surgery is perfect to correct these changes. Liposuction may be considered if localized fat collections persist afer weight loss.  The timing of a “mommy makeover” is critical.  I recommend waiting six months to a year after delivery before considering surgery.  This allows your body to recover from the pregnancy. If breast-feeding, three months must pass before breast surgery.  Recovery is also easier when the baby is older.  I do not recommend combining tummy tuck or liposuction with breast surgery.  I believe it increases the severity of the recovery, because when combining surgeries, the risk of problems after surgery is increased.



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