Melissa, a mother of three, recently had a consultation with me regarding breast enlargement surgery.     After delivering and breast feeding the last of her three children, she felt her breasts were too small and they had lost their youthful shape.   She has scheduled her surgery for the middle of May.

Her story is typical of so many of my patients.   Young women turn to breast enlargement to restore their breasts.   Because this seems to be a common occurrence in my practice, I have asked her to share her thoughts on this blog as she navigates the process of breast augmentation surgery.   Her blog will include her personal reflections before surgery,   family preparation and her own surgical experience, as well as her thoughts about dealing with healing and recovery at home with three pre-school aged kids following the surgery.     Melissa’s Blog will give important insights into breast enlargement surgery from a patient perspective.     Short video clips will also be included next month as we approach her scheduled surgery day.   This unique addition to my nipntuck musings will perhaps enlighten us all.     So, stay tuned.



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