And… That’s a Wrap!

Today’s filming went exceptionally well.   The medical correspondent, Dr. Archelle Georgiou, was easy to work with and her thoughtful questions led to informative answers, which viewers will appreciate.   I have found that making the patient feel comfortable is paramount in maintaining a relaxed and calm atmosphere.   There are also special precautions that need to take place to assure the integrity of the surgical space, so after specific safety instructions to the filming crew, we were ready to go.   The cameraman was a quick to size up the surgery suite and decided on angles that he wanted to film during surgery.   In reality, his work as a videographer will be the cornerstone of the segment.   If you miss a shot, there is little chance of going back to capture that moment.

KMSP TV, our local Fox Network affiliate will air the piece we filmed today along with a live patient interview on Tuesday morning, September 22 during the 9:00 AM News broadcast.   It will also be available on their website,

From my prospective as a surgeon, one of the most stressful elements of participating in a media production like this one, is the actual filming of the surgical procedure.   Even though I have done this surgery hundreds of times and have had film crews in the operating room before, there can always be the unexpected.   This aspect of medicine is what is both unpredictable and yet challenging.   The bepharoplasty or eyelid surgery went well and I would expect my patient to have a great result.   However, as with most cosmetic surgery procedures, her optimum results will take a full six months to realize.   So tune in and you can be the judge!



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