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Sun Exposure and Aging Skin

March 25th, 2021

Sun and Aging skin

Want to avoid the unnecessary gamble of getting facial wrinkles and unnessisarily exposing your skin to harmful effects of the sun? Too much sun is one of the major factors increasing your chance of premature skin aging. While there are many benefits to limiting sun exposure, many of my patients are surprised to learn that the perceived notion that a tan is healthy, actually has an effect on the luminosity or brightness and youthful appearance of their skin. In our detailed instructions for preparation for surgery and recovery, I recommend that patients keep any surgical incisions covered and out of the sun for 6 months, until healing and full maturation of the tissue is completed. Sun may cause the new incisions to redden and permanently discolor and this can be easily avoided. I always recommend using sunscreen, a hat and protective clothing when in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Our new NipntuckLite™ Skincare was specially designed to address wrinkled and sun-damaged skin by refreshing and promoting a healthy and more youthful appearance.


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