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Am I a Candidate for Breast Enlargement?

October 1st, 2013


Reader Question-  Marsha writes: “I’m very small chested and have always wanted to boost my size a little. Like and A cup to a B. I’m almost 50 years old now. Is it too late for me? I’m 5’4″, 120 lbs and have no health conditions. I’ve been divorced for a couple of years and would like to feel better about my body and improve my chances of finding love again at this stage of life.  Thanks!”

Women consider cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons and yours are not uncommon. Almost 400,000 women had breast augmentation (enlargement) and/or breast lift procedures last year. Breast surgery remains the #1 requested elective cosmetic surgery procedure and my patients frequently comment that they experience a boost in self-confidence following surgery. Studies show that there is truth to the notion that when you feel good about your appearance, your confidence level and personal satisfaction increases.

Generally speaking, there is no age cut-off for healthy patients. I recommend that your next step might be to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon, because we have extensive training and are held to the highest standards in medicine. To find a qualified plastic surgeon in your area, please contact the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Looking at before and after photos is another excellent way to judge the aesthetics of a surgeon. Most cosmetic plastic surgeons offer complimentary consultations. Thank you for your question.

Image:  Mirror, Mirror on the wall.  Who’s the fairest of them all? From Disney’s movie “Snow White.”

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Reader Question: Tattoo Removal

July 22nd, 2013

Andrea writes: “I have a tattoo that I would like to have excised. I would like the neatest scar possible. I know that this will depend on the size and dimensions of the tattoo as well as the skill of the surgeon. Do you have any suggestions of recommendations for particularly skilled surgeons? I live in London but am happy to travel to a recommended surgeon.”

Andrea, thank you for your blog question. Tattoos can be removed with excision, as you mentioned, or by using laser treatments. And as you have surmised, the quality of the scar is dependent on the size, location, and skill of the surgeon. The location is also critical in determining the outcome. Actually, in some areas of the body like the décolletage or cleavage, laser treatments might be a better choice. The surgeon can help you with that decision. In that regard, I suggest you consult with three plastic surgeons in London. You may also contact my office via email to discuss this further.  

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