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Minimizing Surgery Scars

July 15th, 2013

Anytime the skin is cut, a scar will form to close the wound, so scars are inevitable following most surgeries.   Emergency surgery will unfortunately leave scars that are usually more obvious, due to having to react quickly to save a life.   The trade-off is obvious.   Plastic surgeons have considerable training in this regard.   Elective cosmetic surgery does allow time for planning, so the telltale surgery scars are often minimized by the advantage of careful incision placement.   This planning allows for specific design of scar placement and the application of technologies that contribute to reducing the appearance of most scars.    

I intentionally place any visible scars in such a way that they are either easily covered by the smallest bathing suit a patient is likely to wear or able to be concealed with makeup and/or hairstyle.   Elegant surgical design is possible when all these things are taken into consideration.   Having the time and experience in making preparations for the surgical plan offers the best opportunity to minimize noticeable scars following surgery.

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