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Reader Question~ Insurance

June 2nd, 2010

From Katie:

Dr. Bashioum,

I am interested in upper eyelid surgery because I am noticing more hanging of the skin on my upper eyes.   When I spoke with my family physician about it, he has recommended that I have it done by an ophthalmic surgeon, as I may be eligible for insurance coverage.   I am sensitive to having facial surgery by anyone other than a plastic surgeon.   Will you accept insurance for this procedure?

The demand for cosmetic surgery in my office has allowed me to opt out of third party reimbursement.   In other words, patients directly pay for any of the cosmetic surgery done in my office.   I do not believe that cosmetic eyelid surgery or any elective cosmetic surgery should be covered by insurance.   There remains considerable disagreement as to whether these cosmetic procedures should be submitted for insurance reimbursement.



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