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Dr. Bashioum’s Garden: Raspberries

July 27th, 2013

Time to pick more black raspberries in my garden and it’s been a good growing season for them this year.  I made jam last weekend, and while it takes a little work, we can enjoy it all winter long.  Golden raspberries are next to ripen, followed by some early varieties of apples.  The French melons continue to limp along, so time will tell if we will enjoy one of the tastiest of the unusual fruits in my garden!

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Garden Photo: Finally a Watermelon

September 18th, 2011

It was the first year that I’ve tried to grow watermelons and didn’t have much success this summer.  We cut numerous melons in an attempt to find a ripe one, without much success.  All the references indicate different strategies, but waiting seems to be the best advice!  Here is a photo of one of the few ripe and delicious watermelons, picked just before the threat of frost warnings.  Minnesota gardening has its challenges!

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