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Hiking in Austrian Alps

March 5th, 2013

Walking to work today on this snowy March morning, I am anxious for winter to be over now. To ward off my winter blues, it helps to recall this past summer’s hike in the Austrian Alps with Lindsay.  We spent a memorable day hiking high in the Austrian Alps outside the town of Mayrhofen.  The sound of cow bells greeted us at the top of a strenuous climb.  I shot this video just before our stop for a much-needed break, what a great view!

Here’s a short clip that I filmed with my iPhone.

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Cosmetic Surgery: Unrealistic Expectations

December 14th, 2011

Who should have cosmetic surgery?   So far, I have mentioned that physical health is a necessity before elective cosmetic surgery should be considered and that I require a current history and physical by an independent primary care physician before any patient is added to my schedule for surgery.

Let’s talk about patient expectations or why somebody is seeking cosmetic surgery to make a physical change.     I evaluate patients on several levels.   Patients with a good mental attitude, including healthy motivation are generally appropriate candidates for cosmetic surgery.

Unrealistic expectations or patients suffering from untreated body dysmorphic conditions do not make good surgical candidates and we can look to Michael Jackson to see why.   They are frequently dissatisfied with the results, regardless of how they turn out and rarely see themselves in a realistic or accurate fashion.

A patient having surgery thinking it will save a personal relationship is never a good idea.   Cosmetic surgery should not be done for someone else.   The ideal motivation is driven by an internal sensitivity about a real physical feature, such as a hump on a nose or facial aging.   Body changes or disfigurement may also be the result of illness, trauma, sun damage, pregnancy, genetics or birth deformity.

So healthy motivation and realistic expectations are the key factors in evaluating patients considering aesthetic surgery.  Years of experience help me sort this out with prospective patients.

I find that healthy patients with appropriate motivation and realistic expectations make the happiest and most satisfied patients in my practice.

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