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Peggy’s “Smile Network” Blog

March 14th, 2016

Smile Network International

Peggy is a Registered Nurse at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center and she shares her story about going to India with the Smile Network International.

It’s always such an incredible and rewarding experience traveling with Smile Network. Most often the medical teams are international, I have worked with physicians from Peru, Mexico, Canada, Finland and across the USA. We are always a bit out of our comfort zones and often working really long days. We have to do things differently than we would at home, but always what is best for our young patients is paramount. Sometimes this means delaying an opportunity for a child for another year because of a low weight or coincidental illness. These delays can be heartbreaking for everyone!

On this mission, our first surgical day was over 13 hours long, and the next over 11, and none were less than 10. But the energy and excitement of the team as they see the love and joy and tears on the faces of the parents whose children will be operated on, gives us strength and energy.

The cities in India are very crowded, and lots of traffic. But somehow, with few rules and almost no traffic controls, everyone gets to where they are going! The poverty is evident almost everywhere. Respect for all life is evident and animals roam everywhere without being bothered. It’s crazy to see cattle and pigs walking down the highway and dogs and monkeys everywhere in the city with no restrictions. Hindu’s, Muslim’s and Christian’s all seemed to be getting along with each other.

Our arrival was met with ceremony and celebrations. We were greeted each day by hospital administrators, and given blessings and garlands upon our arrival. We were treated to dinner at the home of the hospital Chairman and the Vice-Chair (father and daughter) and performances at a local school. Everywhere we went, there were gifts for us from our hosts. In the remote city of Nandayl the team clearly stood out and we were photographed constantly. Our work to help children with cleft lip and facial deformities was the best reward.

Traveling to India was a really interesting cultural experience.  An opportunity I will not forget and am so very grateful to have been part of the surgical team to help change lives. I’ve included a photo from my journey, additional photos on Nipntuck Facebook. For more information, go to Smile Network.


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Record Rainfall and High Water on Lake Minnetonka

June 20th, 2014

According to the Wayzata Police Department, yesterday Lake Minnetonka reached the highest recorded lake level ever, with 1-3 additional inches of rain forecast for the next few days and have issued a safety warning. You can already see the destructive results of debris piling up on the Wayzata Bay boat launch across from my office, with several docks dismantled by high water and wind. No doubt devastating flooding will unfortunately continue in the metro and southward along rivers and streams. We are all hoping for a break in the storms. Hennepin County has posted some safety reminders from the MN Department of Health on flooding due to our excessive rainfall, just click here.

Photo: I caught this image on the way walking home from my office last night.

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