Heating Pads After Cosmetic Surgery?

Ice bag w water

Heating Pads After Cosmetic Surgery? No and here’s why.

Contrary to the soothing warmth a heating pad delivers for common musculo-skeletal ailments and sports injuries, heating pads are NOT ever advised during recovery and convalescence from cosmetic surgery. A normal part of any surgical procedure is swelling, bruising and pain. Swelling of the skin and subcutaneous tissues not only reduces sensation, but also makes the delicate skin more susceptible to injury following surgery.

It’s very important to exercise caution after having cosmetic surgery. Small nerves are damaged during surgery, which leaves you with temporary numbness around the surgical site. Now you can imagine what happens when you put a hot heating pad on these areas, because it is impossible to determine the exact temperature of the heating pad, potentially leading to burns. Normally when the pad gets too hot for comfort, you just remove it. This is a natural defense mechanism, which is temporarily lost following surgery. The skin is numb, the surgical site is swollen and is very susceptible to being burnt quite easily. Some pain medication may also interfere in monitoring. I recommend using an ice bag containing some water to be applied gently in most cases and refreshed as needed. The water helps keep the ice at a safe temperature to safely ease pain and swelling. (see photo)

Never use heating pads during recovery from cosmetic surgery due to the risk of skin burns and scarring. Note that this risk can remain present and last for up to six months following surgery during the recovery process. When in doubt, always consult your doctor.





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