Dr.Bashioum going into surgery

“Snow-mageddon” Prediction  is a failure this time around! In spite of all the hype for a big snowstorm, we only received a couple of inches of snow. Both our nursing staff and our surgery patients scheduled for today made it to the clinic without much trouble. We managed to complete all the surgery scheduled today with only a minor delay at the outset for slower than usual travel times. I’m lucky, I can walk to work and the dusting of snow made for a beautiful trek to the office this morning (too dark for me to take a photo).

I find that this week between the Christmas Holiday and New Year’s Day is always busy in our operating room. I guess patients feel that they can easily take time off for recovery, without the stress of social engagements that precede the end of the year. Kids activities are also at a minimum, work schedules are usually light, perhaps other factors making the end of the year always busy for us with assorted nipntucks.  Happy New Year!



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