I Want a New Nose

Picasso-type Bashioum painting close-up before

Nose Surgery Series

Dr. Bashioum’s patient, describes why she wants a new nose. Jessie writes: Why am I going through with this rhinoplasty or nose job procedure? I found numerous sources that say the nose has the greatest impact of defining ones appearance. I hate looking at my side profile in pictures. I request to be placed in the center of pictures to avoid standing in profile; otherwise I can guarantee that I will hate the picture. I want to make the appearance and the proportion of my nose better, allowing me to be more confident with my appearance. I am doing it to achieve a nicer profile to boost my self-confidence by feeling better about my appearance. I am twenty-nine years old and have worked a second job for the past two years to save for things I want and this nose job is something I want, because I have really hated my side profile for years. My dad took a particularly unflattering photo, which still haunts me today, when I was 15 years old. The photo is taken from the side and my nose looks like a ski jump. I can still imagine that picture in my head and all I can think is yuck, disgusting, gross and how unattractive.

What happened to MY nose? Everyone in my family has a great nose, so why is mine the way it is?

Editors Note: Please check back to read about  preparations for Jessie’s surgery and watch her interview. You can also view video clips of my actual surgery in this series.


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