Breast Cancer Reconstruction After Lumpectomy

Dr. Bashioum is filmed for lumpectomy fat grafting

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Join us tomorrow on  Twin Cities Live to see an amazing story of one women and her breast cancer survival journey. Learn about the  exciting advances for the treatment and reconstruction strategies following diagnosis of breast cancer. Fat grafting is the newest treatment to repair breast asymmetry following a lumpectomy surgery and TCL filmed our procedure last month.  Autologous  or patient’s own liposuctioned fat is used to sculpt a more natural looking breast. Fat is rich in stromal cells, which have regenerative properties that are especially effective in healing tissues damaged by radiation therapy often prescribed for lumpectomies. Lipo-fat grafting is a successful and natural technique for women wanting to avoid extensive surgery to correct the uneven breast shape or divot created by lost tissue from a lumpectomy. Fat grafting is also now available for natural reconstruction following mastectomy.

Watch the video here and see Kristina’s amazing recovery and how her outlook on life has improved!



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