Quick Anti-aging Fixes for the Holidays

 What are some quick fixes to look younger for Holidays?  There are several temporary options for facial rejuvenation.  Lip wrinkles are quite simple to treat with the introduction of hyaluronic acid injections (Restylane ®, Pearlane ®).  Dermal fillers reduce the look of wrinkles around the lips, giving a fresher appearance by restoring fullness to the lip.   Reduced lip fullness is a common complaint and is a normal facial change as we age.  Careful placement of fillers during the injection treatment can re-sculpt the lips to make them look fuller, more youthful.

Laugh lines may contribute to looking older, as well.   Hyaluronic acid can also be injected beneath laugh lines to reduce those wrinkles.   This combination of treatment areas can often provide the effects of a mini- facelift without the expense or more substantial recovery time.  However, the facial changes are not as long-lasting, compared with a facelift.  Depending on the patient, the optimum results from hyaluronic acid injections may last on average of 4-6 months.  Many of my patients are quite happy with the temporary rejuvenation, while others choose a round of fillers to delay making the choice to have more permanent anti-aging changes that a facelift offers.



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