Reality Show Driven Cosmetic Surgery

Reality shows have created instant stardom for many.  In most cases, these “stars” have gained their popularity, not from talent, but from their outrageous behavior.  MTV’s Teen Mom is a stellar example of this misguided fame.  In Touch Weekly Magazine recently ran a headline story announcing that almost the entire  cast of Teen Mom was turning to plastic surgery to further their careers. These kids are blinded by fame and often mistake the attention for an endorsement of talent.

While I haven’t seen this particular show, I am willing to bet that they are merely a curiosity for a  voyeuristic reality show audience.  As I have mentioned before, I think these reality shows are the new circus sideshows of our time.  Unable to resist the bright lights of fame, the young parents, only kids themselves, fail to understand exploitation.  They are at risk of relegating their obligations as being mothers, to having that most important role serve merely as a stepping stone in a search for stardom.



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