Cosmetic Surgery Rebounds Along with Economy

In a rather tacky headline: “Economy, Boob Jobs Growthat was  surely meant to grab attention, ABC  announces that breast enlargement surgery procedures are increasing, as the economy shows signs of recovery.   I couldn’t agree more, but they could have chosen a  slightly more elegant way to state this statistic.   In fact, after a few years of sluggish growth, there does seem to be an upward trend in all categories of cosmetic surgery, those procedures perhaps offering a less flashy title for their headline.

Leading the pack by the numbers are non-evasive fillers and injectables like Botox ® by a sizable margin.  According to the  The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), their combined total is well over 3,870,000 procedures.

The breakdown by age is as follows:  People age 35-50 had the most procedures – almost 4.5 million and 44 percent of the total.  People age 19-34 had 20 percent of procedures; age 51-64 had 27 percent; age 65-and-over had 7 percent; and teens 18-and-younger had 2 percent.

And finally, as it is with my own practice, women represent the majority.  About 90% of cosmetic surgery patients  are women, having over 9 million cosmetic procedures last year.

One Response to “Cosmetic Surgery Rebounds Along with Economy”

  1. iya Says:

    “Economy, Boob Jobs Grow” who would have thought having this headline lures audience?

    Breasts have always been associated with femenity and are sometimes used to measure how sexy the woman is. Though not everyone prefers big boobs, many women are pressured to have bigger or fuller breasts.



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