Bridalplasty on E!

E! Network promotion for their new series called Bridalplasty: There’s nothing like starting a brand new life, with a brand new- everything.”

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a new reality show where brides-to-be compete for the chance to have various plastic surgery procedures. The winner won’t see the groom until she has undergone a complete physical overhaul.  He’ll get the first glimpse of his bride when she walks down the aisle.

Have you seen it?  What do you think about the new show?  Simply click on LEAVE A COMMENT on the left to contribute.

4 Responses to “Bridalplasty on E!”

  1. Ashley Says:

    This show is hilarious!! I was just watching it last night. Most of the girls are opting for a nose job or breast implants as their first surgery. I can’t wait to see what the winner looks like. Having that many procedures in such a short amount of time could be really risky though. I wonder how their new husbands will adjust to the new look?

  2. Nikki Says:

    As with all plastic surgery, it’s a personal choice. However I imagine the groom fell in love with his bride-to-be the way she is mentally and physically. They may not like or feel indifferent to the new overhaul. Potentially creates unnecessary stress on a new marriage. She may also love the NEW her and feel she deserves better. Most importantly, the excitement of not having to pay and winning such a procedure may overshadow the risks of ONE procedure not to mention various. It is surgery after all.

  3. nipntuck Says:

    Thank you for you comments. I plan to post my take on this curious trend tomorrow.

  4. laurel Says:

    Does a second bride or older bride have a better chance at love with a perfect package?

    money can’t buy you class, but classy brides get plasty!

    husbands-to-be watch out for the trophy-wife that’s sleeping in your abode!

    cheers to winning the barbie lottery!! that wife-to-be may be older, but frankly, you might need a lift too, my dear prince charming!!!

    p.s. better have a good prenup!



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