Bridalplasty: For Better or Worse?

According to a review by Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times Television Critic:

“Bridalplasty” is a series on E! and to steal a headline from the network press release, “Brides-to-Be Compete in Wedding-Themed Challenges Collecting Extreme Plastic Surgery Procedures.”  I’m sure it’s all the same to E! whether you are delighted or horrified by this idea, as long as you watch.  And it’s true that they (brides) all are willing agents of their own exploitation.   But one hopes they realize, at least, that none of this is being done primarily for their benefit.

As a plastic surgeon, I am accustomed to patients turning to cosmetic surgery to correct a physical feature that is bothersome.   However, I do find this new television series to be rather exploitive.   The fact that these women are competing for procedures and having surgery done while being sequestered from their groom, I find it all rather tasteless.   I agree with our reader comments.  The show fails to address the serious nature of having surgery and the risks that are associated with multiple procedures done in a short timeframe.  While every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect, this crosses the line.  Call me old-fashioned, but by engaging in this game show circus, I believe that the outrageous series cheapens the solemn vows of matrimony.  It also appears to fall short in providing adequate psychological counseling for the participants as they prepare to re-enter the reality of their own lives.

A few more thoughts tomorrow.  We welcome reader comments on this or any topic of interest.



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