MONDAY MYTHS #2: Plastic Surgeons can remove all scars

Myth #2: Plastic surgeons can remove all scars.

“Can you remove this scar?”  Patients frequently ask this question and I wish that I could remove all scars, but it is simply not possible.   Frequently, scars may be revised to be less visible.

Surgery by definition, involves an incision in the skin at the outset.   Of course the last step is sewing the skin back together.  Surgical procedures and skin trauma that requires stitches, is no different, the resulting scar is permanent, but usually becomes less apparent with time.   Normal body physiology softens and lightens a scar, which often takes six months to a year.

Plastic surgeons design surgery to minimize noticeable scars.   This is accomplished by using several strategies.   Sometimes the position can be planned so that the scar is hidden.  Other times, the direction, shape or orientation of the scar can be rearranged with z-plasty or w-plasty.   Having an evaluation for possible scar revision is always an option.



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