Melissa’s Blog: Choosing a Surgeon

Research a doctor?  As I mentioned earlier, that along with my dream home, came a plastic surgeon in my neighborhood.  Everyone peppers him with questions about plastic surgery, so I’m not alone!  I must have left out that he also happens to be a prominent, Board Certified plastic surgeon, studying his specialty for over 15 years.  First of all, to become board certified, a physician must demonstrate exceptional expertise in a particular medical specialty.  Dr. Bashioum not only has expertise in plastic surgery, but he specializes in elective cosmetic surgery-or  nipntucks.

And so that is where my research ended.  I feel so honored and yet so lucky, lucky that I was dealt this hand.  I had two friends undergo breast augmentation this past month and fortunately I got to hear a little bit about the experience, starting with the list of doctors they were going to meet.  I had one girlfriend who met with five doctors and she chose one of the five.  And I had another girlfriend decide to go with the first doctor she met.  So everyone goes about things differently.  It comes down to qualifications and comfort level with the surgeon for me.

I chose to go with Dr. Bashioum because I feel most comfortable with him holding the scalpel.  Being neighbors, I’ve had many opportunities to approach him about questions related to my breast augmentation.  (Sorry about the time that you were really sick.  But it was my day to get educated on saline vs. silicone.)  Even with a scratchy sore throat and feverish chills, he still gave me solid and unbiased points about the two options.  So yes, I like the fact I have a bit of a connection with my doctor, more so than with others.  At the end of the night, I think about my chest and wanting nothing more than a flawless performance.  For this I turn to a board certified surgeon.  The question that remains now is saline or silicone?

Check back to see what I decide.



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