Top 10 Ways to Avoid Aging

Anti-aging treatments, like neuro-muscular blockers (Botox ®),  fillers, laser treatments  and facial rejuvenation surgery, are all the rage.  What about methods of prevention?   Many factors contribute to facial aging.   In  a recent study, facial aging was found to be accentuated by antidepressants, divorce and weight changes or fluctuations.  Although genetics clearly play a role, several factors within our control contribute significantly to an aged appearance.  

MY TOP TEN ways to reduce facial aging.

Avoid sun exposure.   Ultraviolet light damages your skin.   This show up as wrinkles, superficial growths and skin cancer.   Wear a hat in the sun and use sunblock everyday.

Keep your skin clean and moisturized.   The common denominators  of all skin care programs are a cleansor and a moisturizer.   Combined with sunblock, it is all you really need.

Don’t smoke.   The pursing of the lips accentuates lip wrinkles while the chemicals in tobacco products damages your entire body, including your skin.   The risks of all sorts of cancers also increases.

Avoid weight fluctuation.   Dramatic weight changes are even worse.   Skin can only be stretched so many times or so much before it starts to sag.

Wear sun glasses.   Also, if you wear corrective lenses, wear your prescription correction as well.   Both of these will reduce squinting which makes crows feet and lower eyelid bags more prominent.   This will also reduce your risk for cataracts.

Drink plenty of water.   Hydrated skin is health skin.   The natural water content of skin will always make it look less wrinkles when constantly being replenished.

Eat healthy.  This of course goes hand in hand with appropriate weight maintenance.   A balanced diet will provide proper nutrition with a reduced risk of unhealthy weight gain or loss.

Choose your future spouse carefully.   As noted above, the stress of divorce adds years to facial aging.

Cultivate a sunny disposition.  Do your best to avoid depression.   Certainly this is much easier said than done!   Patients frequently come to my office saying they feel like they have aged several years after loosing a loved one.   If depressed, only use antidepressants under the supervision of a physician.   It is hard to say whether it is the depression or the antidepressant medications, but their use seems to contribute to aging.

Keep your teeth and a healthy smile.   Tooth loss leads to bone loss in the upper and lower jaws.   The central face becomes sunken and aged in appearance.   Flossing, regular teeth cleaning and dental care will reduce periodontal gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss.



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