Sandy’s Blog: Meet Sandy

My name is Sandy and I am the Patient Care Coordinator at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center, Ltd.  I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Bashioum for 17 years.  It is obvious from the length of time that I have worked with him, I enjoy working with Dr. Bashioum and find cosmetic surgery to be fascinating, very rewarding work.  I feel especially confident recommending Dr. Bashioum as a surgeon to any patient considering cosmetic surgery.  Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, aesthetics, skin care, injections, etc. are all extremely popular topics to read about, hear about, watch on television and discuss with friends.  There is an abundance of information, some more factual than others.

Educating patients who come to our clinic about elective procedures and surgical options currently available to them, is a role that I eagerly assume every day.  I have the opportunity to meet many women and also men who are looking to see what surgical options might address their particular concerns.  Consultations with Dr. Bashioum attempt to evaluate whether surgical options are appropriate solutions for patient concerns.  Unlike other surgical specialties, cosmetic surgery is elective surgery, our patients are usually healthy and surgery can be scheduled when it is convenient for them.

Although no day is exactly the same, please check back to read more about what a typical day at the office is for me.



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