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Man Boobs From Pot

December 16th, 2013

More states are passing laws to decriminalize marijuana and as a result, there seems to be more media coverage of pot. The latest discussions of the drug include social and health implications. In particular, the subject of “Man Boobs” and the link to smoking pot is making the rounds in recent headlines. Man boobs, or clinically known as  Gynecomastia, has several causes. It may arise as an abnormal condition associated with metabolic disorders, disease, or as a side effect of taking certain medications. It may also be a result of the natural decrease of testosterone production in older males. The famous Seinfeld episode of creating the man bra comes to my mind, and I found this photo from that silly episode on the show.

Habitual smoking of pot may cause the lack of involution of breast tissue due to a hormonal imbalance possibly caused by the marijuana use. Adolescents are more susceptible and early use can cause the persistence of breast tissue into manhood. Studies have linked THC to having effects on levels of multiple hormonal systems, including testosterone.

While having man boobs develop might be embarrassing, the remedies are pretty straight-forward. Gynocomastia is usually easily resolved by performing an out-patient liposuction procedure to reduce the excess breast tissue. Patients most often return to work the work the next day. I haven’t read any studies evaluating whether continued marijuana usage might cause breast tissue to reappear, but it is probably advised to curb use for those patients who have had surgery for the problem.

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