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My Fresh Wayzata Garden Corn

July 23rd, 2023

Dr Bashioum's garden corn

Nothing better than BBQ’d fresh-picked corn. *No soaking and I leave the husks on and it is always moist and tender.

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Wayzata Summer Garden is Growing!

May 22nd, 2023

Dr. Bashioum's Wayzata garden

My Wayzata Garden Update: finally off to a good start! I’ve started seeds inside for the French melons, artichokes and tender herbs like basil, sage, and parsley (which didn’t make it thru the winter in the garage). All the other planters are outside now enjoying the rain and sun, waiting to get transported back down to the garden. The rhubarb was pretty chewed up by the grasshoppers last summer, so I’m waiting to see if comes up this season. Minnesota gardening is a challenge, but I enjoy the relaxation after a day in surgery.

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