Patient Happy with Results

Patient happy with Results

We are delighted to have our patients write to us about their experience after having a cosmetic procedure at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center. In the age of social media however, we have the utmost respect for patient confidentiality and understand that it is rather a personal choice for our patients to post a review. In every case, we have permission to use a review posted on our blog and editorially omit any identifying information, such as last name. A special Thank You to Kari for adding her comments on our blog today! Occasionally, we also have patients volunteer to write a guest blog about their experience of having cosmetic surgery. We find these blogs to be an important educational resource for anyone considering cosmetic surgery and encourage our readers to search “Patient Diary” and”Patient Comments” for those remarks.


3 Responses to “Patient Happy with Results”

  1. TG Says:

    I cannot begin to say enough good things about my experience at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center.

    The level of compassion and knowledge is better than any out there. Dr. Bashioums work is unsurpassed.

    Dr. Bashioum and his staff were accessible 24/7, which gave me peace of mind throughout my surgery and post-care.

    Sandy and the staff are great.

    I had my implants removed and did fat replacement for a smaller more natural look. I am very happy with the results and would refer anyone I have ever met to them.

  2. Sue F. Says:

    I had a brow lift by Dr. Bashioum in March 2017. Never having had cosmetic surgery before, I was excited yet nervous. Dr. Bashioum, Jennifer and Sandy were all amazing. They explained exactly what I could expect, before and after surgery. I really appreciated Dr. Bashioum taking the time to call me at home after surgery to see how I was doing.

    I love my results and would absolutely recommend Dr. Bashioum.

  3. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Thank you Sue for sharing your experience of having a brow lift at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery. We really appreciate your kind comments and are so pleased that we met your expectations. We strive to explain the process for our patients in specific detail, from surgery through the recovery process. I am delighted to share your comments with my dedicated staff, because it is a task that truly makes my day!”
    Many thanks,
    Ralph Bashioum, MD, FACS



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