New Year, New You?

Wayzata Snow 2

At this snowy time of year, New Year’s Resolutions abound and our office is inundated with inquiries for cosmetic surgery. This year is no exception and although cosmetic surgery is more commonplace and med spas offering quick-fixes are popping up like weeds, the most effective procedures still involve surgery. I have found that when patients are given their options and understand the difference in longevity of their results, they are better informed to make this important decision. New Year, new you? There are many choices, know and understand your options. There is no doubt that social media has had an impact on the perception of beauty and the constant scrutiny of an increasingly narcissistic society has driven the marketplace. In my opinion, the bottom line is to seek out ethical practioners if you are considering having cosmetic surgery any time of year and schedule consultations with Board Certified Physicians. Useful websites to check physician credentials are The American Society for Plastic Surgery and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, both organizations in which I am a member.

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