Dr. Bashioum Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary!

The debut of our edgy television commercials in the Twin Cities 20 years ago caused quite the commotion. The wild computer generated morphing of the vintage Rubens masterpiece into women with a decidedly modern physique video (above) and the crazy original artwork in the “Picasso-like” style animation, both accompanied by the outrageous original musical scores, helped to create the dramatic effect we were after. I believe they are actually still relevant! The pair of commercials received nominations for a CLIO® Award, the Oscars of advertising (we lost to a “Got Milk” campaign). The only voice-over is the tag at the end and although we received criticism for running the edgy cosmetic surgery ads, we never said the viewer needed our services, we just artfully announced our presence.

Then on Nov 26, 2004, the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote “Dr. Ralph Bashioum, perhaps the best-known Plastic Surgeon in the Twin Cities” and now after more than 20 years in Wayzata, we are very proud to celebrate our dedication to providing the highest standard of elective cosmetic surgery in a private accredited surgery suite, overlooking beautiful Lake Minnetonka.

Dr. Ralph Bashioum wants to personally thank his great staff, both past and present for their contribution in attaining this important milestone and a special shout out to all his patients who put their trust and confidence in BCSC over these past 20 years.



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