Nipntuck Myths: Who Performs Cosmetic Surgery?

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Patients often ask me some of the same questions and many of them are the myths that I will address in this new series.

MYTH: Only plastic surgeons can legally perform cosmetic surgery. Surprising there are no restrictions governing what type of physician can perform any medical or surgical procedure. Virtually every state in America, provides that any licensed physician can do brain surgery, open-heart surgery, etc. However, common sense usually limits the scope of a doctors own practice. So it is important to understand individual qualifications when choosing a cosmetic plastic surgeon. Basic facts to consider include evaluation of Board Certification/s, (American Board of Medical Sub-specialties) and the quality of patient surgical results. Another important indication includes both patient and physician referrals. All of this information is equally important and is significant in not only choosing your cosmetic plastic surgeon, but any physician under your consideration. Understanding the qualifications of your cosmetic plastic surgeon is paramount, board certification is the gold standard. Do your homework and check here at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

3 Responses to “Nipntuck Myths: Who Performs Cosmetic Surgery?”

  1. John Says:


    I came around your blog and found that you have posted many useful articles in your blog. I read some of the articles and found it interesting and got much more knowledge on different surgeries and treatments.

    I would like to know that whether you allow guest blogs in your blog. We have very good postings on Plastic Surgery and Plastic Surgery procedures for your blog.The blog posts would be written by Dr.Rajagopal, a board certified plastic surgeon with over 14 yrs of experience.

    Please reply at your earliest.

    Many Thanks,


  2. nipntuck Says:

    Thank you for your comments. Yes, we welcome guest blogs and are delighted about your interest in contributing.
    Please submit a Guest Blog as a comment and please include all your contact information and medical credentials.
    Our editor will then do a quick edit and schedule for posting if appropriate.

  3. Staci D. Gordon Says:

    Nice Article


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