Top Ten Don’ts Before Cosmetic Surgery

Dont's before surgery

Dr. Bashioum recommends Not to Do:

DON’T drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol before and/or after surgery may cause significant problems.

DON’T smoke  

The chemicals and drugs in tobacco reduce blood flow and oxygenation of the skin. Smoking hinders healing and increases your risk for skin loss and scarring by ten fold.

DON’T take aspirin or ibuprofen  

These medications, among others reduce the function of platelets, leading to increased bleeding and bruising.  Other medications, such as alcohol, vitamins and herbal supplements also cause problems, so check with your doctor first.

DON’T tan your scars  

Help minimize scars by not tanning because sun or artificial tanning may cause discoloration, making scars become more noticeable.  For more information on minimizing surgery scars click here.

DON’T judge results for 6 months  

Swelling is a normal part of any surgery and can take some time to fully resolve. Complete healing takes a full six months and sometimes longer for final results to be apparent. Dr. Bashioum is available 24/7 for his patients during recovery. Although it can be difficult, please be patient to see your final results.





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