Diary of a Breast Reduction: Michelle’s Blog 2

Introduction: Almost 113,000 women choose to have breast reduction surgery every year. Our patient kindly shares her story with our readers in Guest Blog series Part 2. Michelle’s story continues about her experience and why she is considering surgery.

Michelle writes:  As I mentioned last time, before my health issue, my desire to have smaller breasts was completely about “looks.”  I have really changed my lifestyle.  I have been eating healthy and working out, and I’ve lost and kept off 50 pounds.  My breasts however, didn’t change. They remained heavy and now they’re sagging from the weight loss. I have discomfort, my shoulders hurt and the bra straps cut into my skin.  I also have back pain and headaches. To keep up with my working out, I have to wear two sports bras during exercise.  Now my desire to have smaller breasts is more than “looks.” It is about keeping up with my new and sustained lifestyle, it is about feeling good on the outside to match how  I feel on the inside.

So I’ve asked all of my questions and I have only 2 more weeks to go now until my surgery.  I am excited and anxious and I’m having dreams about how I will feel and look after the surgery. Honestly, I can’t wait!  More to come… read here.


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