Y & R’s Grand Dame: Jeanne Cooper

Our daughter Ashley, was cast in the Young and the Restless, as Mackenzie, the eventual grand-daughter of the soap opera’s matriarch, Katherine Chancellor. Chancellor was played by Jeanne Cooper, who began the fan-favorite role in 1973. Ashley joined the cast in 1999 when she was only 15 and Jeanne took her under her wing. She was a kind and supportive of our young actress and they had a special bond, much like the show’s storyline. Jeanne passed away today at the grand age of 84.  

She will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers for her family and friends, cast and crew and her many fans worldwide.

One Response to “Y & R’s Grand Dame: Jeanne Cooper”

  1. Michael Miron Says:

    Ashley was the best and ONLY actress who should have portrayed Mackenzie. She will always be missed on the show. Jeanne and Ashley had such amazing chemistry, as if they were really family. I know she has moved on, but it would be amazing if Ashley could return for the eventual episode of Katherine’s funeral.



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