When is the right time to have breast enlargement?

When is the right time for me to have breast enlargement?

I am frequently asked when a patient should consider having cosmetic surgery more often than almost any other question. It is the most common question that I get from patients during an initial consultation. Whether it is for breast surgery, nose surgery, tummy tuck or facial rejuvenation: When is the right time seems to be an important concern. Generally speaking, a cosmetic surgery discussion might be in order when you are significantly bothered by a particular physical feature. However, there are specific considerations with each surgery.

Let’s talk about breast augmentation or enlargement.   A young woman who is not done growing and breasts are not fully developed, is not a candidate for augmentation at this time.   However, the surgery is appropriate for women in their early twenties or older women who have diminutive breasts and wish to be bigger. I also commonly see women with a loss of breast tissue after having children and notice that their breasts have gotten noticeably smaller.

According the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASPS), more than 300,000 women have traditional breast enlargement surgeries each year. Today there are three choices for breast enlargement surgery. Each option is unique and patients should fully understand their choices.   Silicone implants and saline implants have been the main two choices for quite some time, but lipo fat transfer is now another choice to add breast volume.   Fat transfer is an ideal choice for women preferring a more natural way to increase breast size, without the placement of implants.

The procedure involves harvesting a patient’s own fat by using liposuction. Typical sites for lipo fat are flanks, waist and abdomen. Fat grafts naturally contain a large population of stem cells.  The regenerative properties of these cells are particularly effective for breast enlargement, because the fat cells become a natural living part of the tissues where it is placed.

I find that women appreciate having a natural alternative for breast enlargement now, without the worry of having traditional implants.   Regenerative medicine is offering exciting changes in the way we practice medicine.


2 Responses to “When is the right time to have breast enlargement?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    How I wish I could afford to have this done! I may one day lose weight; however, I will also lose breast size. I don’t see that anytime soon that I will be able to “treat” myself to anything to boost my self-esteem and with getting “older” I wonder often if it will matter how I feel about myself. I know this is a downer comment, but I guess I needed to get something out after having all the dreams but life getting in the way.

  2. nipntuck editor Says:

    Kelly, Thank you for sharing your comment. Life often gets in the way for all of us at times. Keep dreaming and stay positive.



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