Reader Question: Facial Scars

I am 30 years old and have some acne scarring on my face. The skin on my face is also very dull and I would love to have even, smooth, glowing skin. I have read a little bit about some of the skin care procedures you do. What would you recommend?

Thank you for your question.  Acne scarring is just that, scarring.  Unfortunately once the skin is damaged in this way, it is not possible to restore it completely. However, there are some things to consider for approving the appearance of your skin.

Superficial peels (Blue Peel (Registered Trademark), Vitalize Peel) are steps to consider to minimize skin damage from acne.  Organic acids are applied to the skin to cause intense exfoliation.   These treatments create tightening in the upper layers of the skin, improving texture.  Another option is laser treatment.   Lasers heat up the dermis, which leads to stimulation of natural healing cells.   As this reformative process proceeds, the skin tightens, as a result of collagen formation.   Deep laser treatments are also a choice, but they include a very high incidence of bleaching the skin.

Moving forward, it is important to maintain consistent skin care.   Daily thorough cleansing, moisturizing and faithful application of sunblock are the cornerstones of all skincare programs.   In addition, astringent treatments and vitamin-based serums may be added, as recommended by a physician or skin specialist.

While these suggestions are general and not specific to your case, I hope this addresses your concerns.



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