Friday Photo: Butterball 2011 Fundraiser

I took this photo at the bi-annual Butterball Party  that was chaired by our friend, Minnesota adventurer, explorer and author Dan Buettner.  Rudy and Ana were our hosts for the fun evening and they served on Dan’s committee for the gala.

This year the fundraiser is slated to surpass the $100,000 raised in 2009.  All the proceeds from The Butterball Party 2011 support the wonderful work of Open Arms. Open Arms is the only nonprofit organization in Minnesota that cooks and delivers free, delicious and nutritious meals to individuals living with serious and life-threatening illness, as well as their caregivers and dependent children.

Photo: From Left- Ana Schofield (Producer Rudy Maxa’s World for PBS)  and my wife, Lindsay our Nipntuck Editor.



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