Top Ten Poor Results

Poor results are different from complications, although they can be related.   A poor result after cosmetic surgery has an unacceptable physical appearance.   It detracts from the visual or functional goal of the patient and surgeon.   A complication is a negative event which occurs adversely affecting the recovery.   Some complications like skin loss can lead to  unacceptable scarring,  a poor result.

  1. Breast Too Small Some 80% of women  feel their breasts are too small after breast enlargement surgery.   About 10% of these women act on their concerns and have a  second and sometimes third surgery to increase their implants size.
  2. Unacceptable Scar As noted above, an unacceptable scar can be the result of skin loss and slow healing of the skin.   Unfortunately, poor placement of a cosmetic surgery scar will make it unacceptable, as well.   This is particularly true when clothing, hair style or makeup are unable to conceal the scar.
  3. Asymmetry All of us are different from one side of our bodies to the other.   This is the normal human condition.   Some argue this is an integral part of beauty.   Cosmetic surgery can reduce differences that are more significant, but never eliminate them completely.   After cosmetic surgery, some asymmetry usually remains.
  4. Skin Lightening Skin responds to scarring with changes in color.   Color changes are a result of a disruption of the color producing and color containing cells in the skin.   Some procedures have a high risk of skin lightening.  The most notable of these procedures is skin resurfacing.   The treatments which superficially burn or damage the skin can also bleach the color of the skin.
  5. Irregularities Beneath The Skin Much of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery involves rearranging skin and the underlying fat.   Liposuction involves only removing fat.   Scarring beneath the skin does lead to lumpiness which can be felt and sometimes seen.
  6. Skin Sagging Skin stretching procedures tighten the skin at first.   During surgery every effort is made to remove as much skin as possible safely.   Depending on how much the skin has been stretched in the past, sun damage, and genetics may contribute to skin can sagging after surgery.
  7. Unnatural Appearance I believe all  plastic  surgery results should look natural.  My philosophy is not widely held by other surgeons or patients.   The unusual results witnessed in celebrities bears this out.   If  a patient looks like they have had surgery, such that you look so different or comments range from what happened, or worse, who are you?   The result may not be as natural as you had hoped.
  8. Functional Changes Cosmetic surgery is usually done to improve physical appearance.   Every effort is made to allow normal body function after surgery.   However, anatomical variability can change the way a body part will work.   Inability to close the eyes after upper eyelid surgery, genital distortion after inner thigh lift surgery and inability to breast feed after breast surgery are all examples of functional changes.
  9. Poor Implant Position Implants are a part of cosmetic surgery.   Breast implants are the  best  known but facial implants and injectable materials are also used.   Each implant has to be placed according to the specific patient anatomy to yield the desired effect.   Breast implants placed too high look like “porn star” breasts.  We’ve all seen poorly placed cheek implants, where the patient looks more like a chipmunk.
  10. Insufficient Improvement Surgeons have an understanding of what may be accomplished through surgery. It is important for a patient to have a good understanding of what can be done and what realistic change might be expected.   Patients with unrealistic or misunderstood expectations can express feelings of insufficient improvement after cosmetic surgery.

All of the poor results that I have mentioned may lead to correction with secondary surgeries.   Many times these procedures are successful.   Unfortunately,  after each revision surgery is completed, some additional scar tissue is added.   This subsequent scar tissue reduces the chances of success with each additional revision surgery.

2 Responses to “Top Ten Poor Results”

  1. Gretchen Weyek Says:

    Do you perform breast implant revision

  2. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Gretchen, thank you for your inquiry and yes we do breast revision surgery. We can be reach at our toll free number 877.nipntuck to schedule a complimentary consultation.”



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