The results of a surgeon are often greatly influenced by the thoroughness of medical training and experience level of the particular physician.   Breast enlargement outcomes are similarly determined by the expertise of the surgeon and the number of times he or she has performed the operation.  Of course, some surgeons favor certain techniques, while others prefer other techniques, which are usually developed over time.   At this point in my career, having been in private practice for over 20 years, I have performed over 4000 augmentation mammoplasties or breast enlargements.   Based on this extensive experience, I was appointed to LEAD, the physician adviser group for the Mentor Corporation, one of the largest implant manufacturers. This group of physicians from all over the US convened this past weekend for a symposium in Denver, Colorado.

The purpose of the meeting was to exchange ideas, share new surgical technologies and to provide Mentor with feedback on new product research.   I am always invigorated by scientific conferences with my colleagues and look forward to these meetings.   It is my honor to have the opportunity to perhaps shape the future of cosmetic surgery advancements.



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