Fond Memories: Being on “Good Company”

Steve Edelman and Sharon Anderson, hosts of “Good Company” (the highest-rated local talk show in the country), talked with Tom and the gang on the Tom Barnard Podcast #118.  Both Tom and I appeared a number of times on that show.  I have fond memories of being a frequent guest on their set at KSTP and pictured here with Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr talking about liposuction. We also filmed a few episodes of their show “Grow It” in my garden in Wayzata.

Long before reality television, “Good Company” was way ahead of the current trend and sent a crew to broadcast from my operating room. They filmed me performing cosmetic surgery, what might have been the first facelift footage to air live.  

Steve has a new project in development to help guide baby boomers navigate their retirement. He co-developed the Unfinished Business Workshop by blending state-of-the-art video storytelling and computer assessment technology with the dynamic Esalen workshop processes.



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