Bashioum Siblings in Paris

Paris, City of Light

According to author David Downie, Ville Lumiere or City of Light evokes images of the iconic “Paris street lamps spilling pools of light, bathing the cityscape in a soft glow.”   It is true, Paris is definitely captivating at night, especially in the rain, when the lights are magnified as if by a prism.   Ashley and Josh had a chance to enjoy Paris in the rain and grabbed this photo near the Eiffel Tower last week.

Downie explains that the city, while famous for its vintage lamp posts, and the expression may be more historically accurate to refer to Paris as a center of enlightenment.  He describes it as more of a centuries old metaphor for political, spiritual, cultural and intellectual energy.   If that now includes Facebook, Apple Face Time and blogs, then I’m sure my kids might agree!



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