Friday Photo: Ashley Observes

My daughter, Ashley, spent a day observing in my office while she was in town during her winter break from college.  Will there be another doctor in the family?  Probably not, because it is a long haul to complete four years of medical school after college graduation, then another six years to train as a plastic surgeon.  My bet is on a business career or a return to acting for the actress who has fond memories of  playing the role of Mackenzie on the “Young and the Restless” before pursuing college as a full-time student.  Today is Ashley’s birthday, so Mom and I wish you “Happy Birthday dear daughter!”

2 Responses to “Friday Photo: Ashley Observes”

  1. Roy Says:

    I’m still hoping she’ll be back on Y&R.. hopefully soon! lol

  2. nipntuck editor Says:

    Thank you for your kind comment.



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