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December 29th, 2009

#10.  Largest breast implants – Sheyla Hershey claims she has the largest breasts in the world.   She had to go to Brazil to have her extremely large implants replaced with even larger ones.   I have seen reports of women undergoing breast reduction surgery with breasts much larger than Sheyla’s.   I think her claim must be limited to the largest enlarged breast in the world.

#9.  Sammy Sosa – Sammy’s face is now much lighter than it was when he was playing baseball.   He attributes it to a face cream.   I believe he had facial resurfacing.

#8.  Face Transplants – New technology has permitted  Face transplants to actually become mainstream this year with cases performed in both Europe and America.   Even though the new face is much different than the original, it is sometimes better than living with the existing one inflicted with severe facial deformities or injuries, when surgery is presented to these patient’s as an option.

#7.  Self-inflicted injections – Self-injection of silicone can’t be a good idea!   It is hard enough getting injectible materials perfectly placed with experience and local anesthesia.  Don’t try this at home.  Imagine trying to do it in a mirror without anesthesia!  Over-plumping is a current fashion epidemic.  Check out this funny television commercial.

#6.  Cosmetic surgery tax – The Senate suggested levying a 5% “Botax” cosmetic surgery tax to help fund the Health Care Bill.   The collection of such a tax would have been a bureaucratic nightmare.  The tax did not work in New Jersey and it has finally been eliminated for now.

#5.  Latisse – Turns out that this glaucoma medicine makes eyelashes grow and grow.   Except for possible eyelid discoloration and changes in iris color, it was just approved by the FDA and now available for this additional cosmetic use.

#4.  Dysport released – Finally a competitor for Botox.   Many of my patients agree with the company’s claims of a shorter duration of onset than Botox.   Dysport is also less expensive than Botox and offers patients another choice to reduce facial wrinkles.

#3.  Donda West’s death – It is terrible any time a patient dies after surgery, but when there is a celebrity angle, it makes news.   Sadly this death may have been preventable, if a complete unbiased history and physical had been carried out.   The California Legislature felt this way and enacted a law in Kanye West mother’s honor.   It requires all patients undergoing cosmetic surgery to have a complete medical workup prior to surgery, in an effort to avoid undue surgical complications.

#2.  Michael Jackson’s death – His absolute obsession to seek out and undergo lots of cosmetic surgery was legendary.   His untimely death provoked a  media frenzy.

#1. The Economy:  Silver Lining for Consumer – The economic downturn or recession has affected all elective surgeries.   Professional medical journals are reporting income losses of anywhere from 20 to 50 percent.   Many physicians have turned to price reductions or discounts, to maintain cash flow.   So, if you have ever considered cosmetic surgery, this is perhaps the best time to catch a great deal!

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